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5/5/14  DIY: Brandy Melville Carolina Pineapple X Top 

Heyyy ;) 

Restarting this website! First DIY is this *BEAUTIFUL* Brandy Melville Carolina Pineapple X Top

they just started to sell it 

but, this shirt is easy to make :)

the shirt is selling for $18 

If you need help on anything, watch this YouTube video, it's very helpful :)


  • white cropped shirt (or any you would want) 100% cotton is the best, any man made fabrics DO NOT WORK
  • t shirt iron on transfers, I used these
  • template 
  • iron 

Step 1:
choose your t shirt. I found the PERFECT shirt; it's 100% cotton , cropped, white, and it's Brandy quality...

Perfect right? ;-) 

it's only $15! 

Step 2:

Print your template on the transfer paper (you need to read the manufacture's directions for this part, instructions vary)

here's a picture of it (you can edit it if you want :0) 

Step 3:

Get your iron ready! Iron on the shirt (read directions to paper for this step too!)

After that, you should have a perfect pineapple shirt! 

Instagram me photos with hashtag #diymeliea if you make anything! :)